Nippon India Liquid Bees ETF

Nippon India Liquid Bees ETF features:

  • Nippon India Liquid Bees ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in calls, Treasury Bills and other short-term fixed-income securities.

  • The minimum lot is 1 with a face value of Rs 1,000.
  • NAV - Rs 1,000.
  • Dividends are declared daily, and all of these dividend units are added together and credited to Dmat account, once a month.
  • Listed at NSE - Symbol – LIQUIDBEES and BSE Code – 590096
  • Charges - All the charges applicable as with delivery trades, except for STT, which is waived.
Nippon India Liquid Bees ETF

Why invest in Liquid Bees?

Investors or Traders having excess funds, which they don't require immediately,  can park their funds in this fund for short-term.  You can also use them for paying margins to brokers,  which allows you to earn money on your margin, unlike cash  - which gives no returns.

Expected Returns?

The returns expected is about 5-5.5% per annum. If you buy and hold your units in Demat account, you will receive the returns as units in your Demat account.  The price of the Liquid Bees always remains at Rs. 1000 per unit. You can check the NSE Data here

ETFs are evolving slowly in India and there are many ETFs traded in Indian Stocks Markets. There is Nifty Bees, Gold Bees, Bank Bees and whole lot of them. Check out the list of ETFs, which you can consider adding  to your portfolio, based on your needs and requirements.

In short, investors or traders who want to park their excess funds for short-term, can consider investing in this fund.