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In continuation of earlier article about the basics of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and pros and cons of investing in ETFs, let us look at the list of ETFs available in India. With regard to Equity ETFs, there are a few Index funds, couple of banking sector funds and an international index like Hangseng Bees.

Similarly in the Commodity ETFs,there are a quite a number of Gold ETFs, which has attracted a large number of investors, of late. Interestingly there aren’t any Silver ETFs and one can expect such an ETF soon.

The following is the list of ETFs available in India and traded in National Stock Exchange of India. The list shows the Fund house, name of the scheme and the NSE symbol.

Equity ETFs:

Benchmark Mutual Fund:
Banking Index Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme – Bankbees .
Hang Seng Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme Hangsangbees.
Infrastructure Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme -Infrabees.
Nifty Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme- Niftybees.
Nifty Junior Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme Juniorbees.
Psu Bank Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme – Psubnkbees.
Shariah Index- Shariabees.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund – Sensex Fund -Spice.
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund:
Kotak Nifty ETF – Kotaknifty.
Kotak PSU Bank ETF – Kotakpsubk.
Kotak Sensex ETF.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund:
Most Shares – M100.
Most Shares – M50.
Most Shares NASDAQ-100 – N100.
Quantum Mutual Fund Quantum Index Fund -Qnifty.
Reliance Mutual Fund – Reliance Banking Exchange Traded Fund – Relbank.

Gold ETFs:

Axis Mutual Fund – Axis Gold ETF – Axisgold.
Benchmark Mutual Fund – Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme – Goldbees.
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund – Birla Sun Life Gold ETF – Bslgoldetf.
HDFC Mutual Fund – HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Hdfcmfgetf.
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund -ICICI Prudential Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Ipgetf.
Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund – KOTAK Gold Etf- Kotakgold.

Quantum Mutual Fund – Quantum Gold Fund – Qgold.
Reliance Mutual Fund – Reliance Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Relgold.
Religare Mutual Fund – Religare Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Religarego.
SBI Mutual Fund – SBI Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Sbigets.
UTI Mutual Fund – UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund – Goldshare.

Invest wisely !

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16 Comments on “List of ETFs in India”

  1. @ Priyank,

    currently, only GoldBees is actively traded gold etf in National stock exchange(NSE). You can invest in gold bees but with caution. You can invest 10-15% of portfolio in gold. If you have any other queries you can post it here or use the contact form.

  2. out of the following which is best ??

    Most Shares – M100.
    Most Shares – M50.
    Most Shares NASDAQ-100 – N100.

  3. this is very very less etfs as compared to the west.. we dont have pharma, consumer, software etf… we dont have commodity etf except gold…. when will the situation change ?

  4. on the basis of past returns almost all ETFs earned almost same returns…..which should we chose? and on what basis….?

  5. ETFs are meant to give the same returns as the index/commodity they are tracking. One can choose them, according to:

    1. liquidity( which can be easily bought and sold) – like Goldbees, Niftybees etc.

    2. low tracking error( which reflects exactly the index/commodity.

  6. it has been quite some time since new etf launch. no silver or oil etf, no pharma or fmcg etf, why ?????? these would help investors in taking delivery and make money in the long run

  7. @rajesh i c,

    Yes, there no ETFs launched recently, because of lack of awareness among investors about ETFs. More and more investors are coming to know ETFs now and surely ETFs would be part of everyone's portfolio.

    Silver ETFs is the most expected one and hope some fund house would launch it soon.

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