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Reliance Gold Savings Fund NFO Review

Reliance Mutual Fund is launching Reliance Gold Savings Fund which intends to invest in units of Reliance ETF. We know about many Gold ETFs and what is this Reliance Gold Savings Fund all about?
This is a fund which invests in already existing Reliance Gold ETF to the extent of at least 95% of the corpus size, and becomes a fund of funds which is first in its kind in India.

The Fund allows the investors to invest in Gold the through physical mode and thus makes it convenient for investors who do not have a broking account or a demat account. The fund seeks to make the investment in gold in a more convenient manner by allowing investment through systematic investment and transfer plans.The fund focuses on providing the returns as provided by Reliance ETF, which invests 99.5% of its portfolio in bullion.

NFO Features:
Open Ended Fund of Funds.
Issue open:14 February, 2011 -28 February, 2011.
NFO Offer Price: Rs.10 per unit.
Minimum Application Amount : Rs.5,000.
Entry Load: Nil.
Exit Load: 2% - if redeemed 1 year from the date of allotment of units.
Options: 1.Growth 2.Dividend (Dividend Pay-out and Dividend Re-Investment)
Also :SIP/STP/SWP/Auto switch/ Trigger facility available.

Gold prices are in an upswing in the recent times and in the year 2010 gold prices were noticed to have touched it highest in the last two decades.For the tenth year in a row, gold prices gave positive returns in 2010. Investors across the globe have started investing in gold in order to hedge against inflation and currency risk, apart from investing in gold as a separate asset class. Hence one can invest in this fund but with a limited exposure of not more than 5-10% of one's portfolio.

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