What is Gift Nifty?

 What is Gift Nifty?

Gift Nifty is a new identity given to SGX Nifty, available for trading in NSE IX with effect from July 3. Instead of Singapore Exchange, US dollar-denominated contracts of Nifty futures will now trade in NSE IX which is in GIFT City SEZ .


What happens to SGX Nifty?

SGX Nifty has been suspended for trading and will eventually get delisted from the Singapore Exchange.

What are the timings of SGX Nifty?

Gift Nifty will be accessible for almost 21 hours. It is open in two sessions - from 6.30 am to 3.40 pm and then again from 4.35 pm to 2.45 am in the second session.

How to check Gift Nifty live data?

Gift Nifty live data can be checked on the NSE IX website and futures contracts from here - Gift Nifty.