NAVI Vanguard Total Stock Market Index ETF FOF

Navi AMC to launch Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund FOF. Today it filed draft prospectus with SEBI to launch this FOF, which will invest in Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF (VTI). 

For Indian investors, this might provide an excellent opportunity to invest in Vanguard universe of funds and ETFs. The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF tracks the performance of the CRSP US Total Market Index, with an expense ratio of 0.03% and low tracking error.

About Vanguard:

Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies, offering a large selection of low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services. They manage about $7.2 trillion in global assets in 209 U.S. funds and about 232 additional funds in markets outside the United States.

Their top funds include Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSAX), Total International Stock Index Fund (VTIAX) and Total Bond Market Index Fund (VBTLX), with average expense ratio of about 0.09%.

By using broad-based, low-cost funds from a company like Vanguard, without having to manage a large number of funds, the investors can achieve the right asset allocation and diversification.