Kotak Nasdaq Fund Of Fund NFO

Kotak AMC to launch Nasdaq Fund Of Fund, as it files papers with SEBI for launch of the same.

It will be the second AMC to launch Nasdaq Index Fund after Motialal Oswal's Nasdaq 100 ETF and Nasdaq FOF.

Kotak Nasdaq Fund Of Fund will invest in Units of overseas ETFs and/or Index Fund based on NASDAQ 100 Index.



Minimum Investment Initial Purchase (Non-SIP) Rs. 5000/-
Additional Purchase(Non- SIP)Rs. 1000/-

SIP Purchase Rs. 1000/- (Subject to a minimum of 6 SIP installments of Rs. 1000/- each)

Benchmark Index NASDAQ -100 Index (Due to time zone difference, benchmark performance will be calculated with a day's lag)

Scheme opens: 11 Jan 2021.

Scheme closes: 25 Jan 2021.

Maximum Expense Ratio: 1%. 

Summary: While Nasdaq hits it all-time highs and is trading at historicaly high valuations, it is better to wait and invest in this NFO.