Nifty Total Returns Index

Nifty above 14,000 ! Surprised ? The Nifty Total Returns Index, is nothing but Nifty plus the total dividends announced by Nifty companies, which are assumed to be reinvested.

Though not many are interested in dividends and are concerned about only in the rise in share prices, this is a surprise for them. The Total Returns Index is currently above 14,000,  while the Nifty is around 10,300.

nifty total retruns index

What exactly is Total Returns Index?

The total returns includes interest, capital gains and dividends realized over a given period of time.  The TRI will help in giving the right picture of the real alpha, a metric which measures what the fund has earned over and above (or below) what was expected.

What does TRI mean for mutual fund investors?

Currently, majority of fund houses benchmark their equity mutual fund schemes against simple price indices. But  recently, DSP BlackRock announced it would be disclosing the performance of its equity mutual funds with The TRI as the benchmark.

This is a welcome move as far transparency and investment management is concerned. TRI would give the actual picture of what exactly he or she earns from a mutual fund investment.

Sensex Total Returns Index.

There is also Total Returns Index for all the major indices of NSE and BSE 30  as well.  You can also download Historical Total Returns Index data from NSE.

So what does this all mean for a retail investor?

Dividends play an important role in calculating your returns.  Hence, before calculating your stock, index or mutual fund returns, check out how much dividends you have received, to get the exact returns.

Dividends do matter !