MCX Stock Exchange - MCX-SX

MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX), branded as India’s new stock exchange, is set to launch equity segment  from Diwali, according to exchange sources.Earlier in 2008, MCX commenced operations in the Currency Derivatives (CD) and has been witnessing a steady and significant growth in average daily turnover and open interest ever since its inception. It has a separate clearing corporation, MCX-SX Clearing Corporation Ltd. (MCX-SX CCL), through which the clearing and settlement is conducted.

The currency derivatives segment at MCX-SX is supported by a strong membership base and witnesses a nation-wide participation. At the end of July 2012, MCX-SX had 751 members and saw participation from 714 towns and cities across India. MCX-SX has received permissions to deal in Interest Rate Derivatives, Equity, Futures & Options on Equity and Wholesale Debt Segment.

Following its success in Currency futures, MCX is all set to launch its equity operations from Diwali. What does this mean for an investor and trader?

MCX-SX is planning to offer competitive membership fees, which could trigger a price war causing the BSE and the NSE to revise their membership fee structure. This would help in reduced transaction charges for the investor and trader. Just like Bombay Stock Exchange BSE and National Stock Exchange NSE, investors and trader could buy and sell stocks, futures and options in MCX-SX. It's just that your broker has to be a member of MCX-SX and surely, leading brokers would provide trading facilities of MCX-SX, since the costs involved are going to be lesser than now.

Investor and traders, over the past 15 years are very much connected with BSE and NSE, but they are in for a change and it would be a new beginning for them.

Change is here, be part of it !

Just visit the new exchange here at MCX-SX.