Stock Trading Mobile Apps for Indian Markets

MAS-NSE Mobile Trading
With the emergence of smart phones, mobile applications have changed how we live our lives and these apps have also changed how we manage our investment and trading activities too. These apps have helped us to do our activities that we were only able to perform in a stationary environment into something that we can do anywhere, anytime. Along with many activities like banking and shopping, stock trading is also now made that much easier thanks to mobile apps.Though the market regulator has approved mobile trading long ago, trading through mobile is yet to catch up in a big way. Here are some of the apps available for Indian markets.

NSE Mobile Trading:

NSE Mobile Trading system provides a revolutionary application suite featuring comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform. It offers real time streaming quotes, with simple and user friendly interface for all type of users.

Some of the features include Live quotes of all the stocks of the major NSE indices, quotes of your favorite stock list, most active stocks by volume etc. You can download this Android app from Google Play - Nse Mobile Trading

There are other trading apps provided by leading brokerage houses like Kotak Mobile Stock Trader, ShareMobile etc. But these are limited to clients of the respective brokerages, whereas the NSE mobile trading provides quotes and charts without any log-in issues. And, those who are interested in gold price quotes, there is Kitco live which provides live gold prices, market info, charts, news, and more.

Using some of these apps will enable you to access enormous amount of data, which help you to make your trading decisions better, any time and any place.