High Dividend Yield Stocks 2012

What is Dividend Yield?

Dividends are payments made by a company to their shareholders and these payments are paid out of the profits made during the year. Dividend yields are returns from dividends, which can be calculated by dividing the dividend per share by the current market price of the stock. For e.g., a company quoting at 200, declares a dividend of 10, the dividend yield works out to 5%. High dividend yield stocks are for those investors who are looking for regular income as well as capital appreciation over a longer period of time.

These stocks can be picked up during market down trend or when market trend is not clear. In a downtrend, dividend yields of such companies goes up as the stock prices fall. Before investing in companies that provide high dividend yields, care to be taken that these companies have sound fundamentals, regular dividend paying and  enjoy healthy cash flows. We have picked few stocks which have high dividend yields in the range of 6-9% and with a low P/E ratio. Though the earnings growth of these companies may not be among the highest in the industry, they manage to deliver good results across business and economic cycles. During this time of the year, the companies declare their annual results and dividends. Hence, before investing in these companies, watch out for their annual results and performances as well.

The stocks that are picked have been limited to CNX 500 Index and of course, there are few other stocks outside this index with better yields also. While investing in the above stocks, an investor should limit their exposure to about 15-20% of their portfolio, since dividend-investing alone should not be anyone's investing strategy. If you find any other such high dividend yielding stock which might have missed our attention, please inform us or post them in the comment section.