4 Must-Have Stock Trading Mobile Apps

With the emergence of smart phones, mobile applications have completely transformed how we live our lives. Applications make activities that we were once only able to perform in a stationary environment into something that we can do anywhere, anytime. Of the millions of activities, like banking, shopping, and more, that have now been made mobile, even stock trading is now made that much easier thanks to mobile apps. Here are some of the best ones out there:

Bloomberg, the media and financial services behemoth, has always been a one-stop shop for information about the markets. Now, Bloomberg is available on a nifty app, so that you can have real-time stock information, market news, and more right in the palm of your hand.

2.E*Trade Mobile Pro
If you use E*Trade to buy stocks, then its mobile app is especially helpful, since you can use it to buy and sell stocks, transfer money from any financial institution, and monitor the markets with comprehensive charts and live stock quotes.

3.Virtual Stock Market Lite
Virtual Stock Market Lite is a great app especially if you are relatively new to the markets. When you download and begin using this particular app, you are given $100,000 in virtual cash to invest as you please. The app uses real stock prices and real markets, so using this app is wonderfully accurate, not to mention, fun, way to practice trading!

4.Stock Twits
Stock Twits has all the benefits of apps like Bloomberg in terms of information and news about markets. The one aspect of Stock Twits that makes it unique, however, is that it serves also as a social network for traders. You can follow traders who invest the same way you do, discuss different strategies, and generally become part of an entire community of like-minded investors.

Trading and investing has never been a walk in the park. It takes time and energy, business savvy, and of course, a little bit of luck. Using some of these apps, however, will enable you to access an enormous amount of data and expertise so that you can make the best investment decisions, any time and any place.

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