Mobile Trading

mobile trading
Mobile Trading is to kick-off soon in Indian Capital Markets, as the market regulator SEBI has given approval for the same. Currently, many brokers are providing web-based mobile trading, but the current form of mobile trading using wireless technology (including laptops with data card that use internet protocol), would make things lot easier for active traders.

Both the stock exchanges BSE and NSE are ready to provide the facility as soon the brokers set up their systems. The applications for mobile trading can be downloaded by the customers from their brokerage websites. The procedures for trading are same as that of online trading - on submitting an order to buy or sell shares, traders will be provided with the order confirmation and similarly modification or cancellation facilities will also be provided.

The traders would be aware of risks and difficulties involved in online trading, similarly they should also be aware of the possible risks involved in mobile trading too. Hope adequate steps are taken by the service providers and brokerages, to prevent misuse of this facility by unauthorised persons. As India is one of the fastest growing mobile phone markets and equally active trading population, the mobile trading is likely to be a hit.