E-Mini Nifty Futures Live

As we all know Nifty futures is available for trading  from 19 Jul 2010 in Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME, more details have come into flow.  Two futures contracts, namely E-mini Nifty Futures and E-micro Nifty Futures would be available almost 23 hours all trading days. The first one will be valued at $10 times the current value of nifty index on the NSE, the other one, will be valued at $2 times the nifty index value at that time.

The interesting point is, since nifty futures is also traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) ,  traders can take a position on any of the two bourses and offset it at the other exchange and this is because SGX has mutual offset agreement with CME. It would provide good arbitrage opportunities for institutions and traders having access to both the exchanges.

The live rates can be accessed from E-Mini Nifty Futures and E-Micro Nifty Futures .