Biggest Scams in Indian Stock Markets

Markets are less volatile, so why not look back at those people who created huge volatility and mess in the Indian stock markets. Yes, we are talking about biggest scamsters in Indian stock markets. These are the biggest scams that hit the Indian stock markets which created havoc among investors and traders.

Read it, know it and don't forget it !

Ramlinga Raju , Founder, Satyam Computers.
Amount : Rs.8,000 crores.
The fraud: Cooked up account books of his company.
Method: Inflated revenues and hid liabilities.

Harshad Mehta, Broker.
Amount : Rs.4,000 crore.
The fraud: Responsible for the securities scam of 1992.
Method: Accused of diverting funds from banks to the tune of over rs.4,000 crores to stock brokers bewteen 1991-1992.

Ketan Parkekh Promoter, NH securities.
Amount : Rs.1,500 crores.
The fraud: Accused of price rigging.
Method: Used to trade in shares under fictious names.

CR Bhansali, Founder, CRB capital markets.
Amount : Rs.1,200 crores.
The fraud: Cheated public of over 1.000 croroes and the sbi of 57 crores.
Method: Raised money from public and transferred it to non-existent companies.

Dinesh Dalmia former MD, DSQ Software.
Amount : Rs.595 crores.
The fraud: Dalmia resorted to illegal ways of making money.
Method: Dalmia resorted to illegal ways of making money through the shares of DSQ software.

Buyer beware !