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lavasaIndia’s first planned hill city, Lavasa has residential spaces available at pocket friendly prices for people from all walks of life. Developed as an open community housing project, the city is available for people from all socio-economic genres. The share-holding pattern of Lavasa is as follows: HCC group holds 65 %, Avantha group holds 16 %, Venkateshwara Hatcheries hold 12.79 %, Private investor owns 6 %

Set among the Sahayadri Mountains amidst 7 hills and 60km of lakefront, a 3 hours drive from Mumbai and an hour’s drive from Pune, the hill city is a quarter of Mumbai’s size. The city provides opportunity for the common man to live, learn and play with a smile. The hill city cuts through the socio-economic spectrum, targeting a population mix of all groups.

Lavasa has many firsts to its credit – technology leadership and e-governance. It is the first Indian city developed using Geographical Information System. Lavasa has also made use of bio-mimicry as a science in town planning innovative techniques like hydro-seeding in environment management. HCC is bringing education, business and tourism, hospitality leisure together,in making this modern city.

Hindustan Construction – HCC is the promoter of Lavasa and they aim to cross Rs 100,000 crores in revenue in ten years from now and it will have a much bigger share in HCC’s market cap. They have plans to float an IPO and list it on the stock exchanges. Going by these developments,HCC is a stock to watch closely in the construction space.

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3 Comments on “Lavasa Hill City – HCC”

  1. The concept conceived by HCC is visionary concept and likely to be history in the making and HCC is certainly a company to watch out for long term investment.

  2. By hill city, does that mean that the place is situated on top or around a hill? Lavasa sounds like a good place to live, especially if the country is often attacked by storms or typhoons. And it looks pretty fancy too… 😀

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