NSE TAME - Technical Analysis Tool

National Stock Exchange NSE has introduced a new Technical Analysis Tool - NSE TAME (Technical Analysis Made Easy).

TAME is a technical analysis tool provided by NSE to its members. This tool shall provide users an exhilarating experience in carrying out technical analysis.

TAME offers to provide charts and popular technical indicators that have been carefully handpicked after elaborate analysis of the landscape of technical indicators. The simple and easy user interface provides users the flexibility to customize, view and analyze charts and indicators.

The key benefits of using TAME are :
An useful tool for carrying out technical analysis with the support of technical indicators.
A powerful tool for charting.
Reliability of an exchange provided solution.

Now this tool is being provided to all the NSE Members. It would be a good effort if this tool is provided to retail traders as well.


  1. It looks good, but I think I'll stick to BI with MS Analysis Services. :)

  2. It is a useful tool, but how it is different from MS, we have to wait and see.

  3. How can i try this technical analysis tool? Is there a free trial version?

  4. No trial version is available. You can send an email to them.

  5. it does not give any thing on my pc. It is tatally blank with orange colour. May i know softwear req for running the same.

  6. Manan Tijoriwala,
    you require java (jvm) to access tame lite.