Entrecard Updates

After a long time some important updates from Entrecard.

1. Drops will count for 2 credits and no credits for the receiving blog, just for today. So credits will be given only if you drop. Quite interesting.

2. Another important change is the Ad Network is only for only Entrecard Blogs. So herein after ,only Active Entrecard Members can advertise through the ad network. This is in response to the feedback / backlash against the paid ads, during the initial run of the paid ads program.

These two changes definitely make things interesting at Entrecard. Meanwhile some of my Entrecard Market listings for advertising in this website - Market listings


  1. But nothing has been mentioned about cash payouts, whether they are going to be continued or not

  2. Even today we are getting the 2 ec for dropping cards and no EC when other drop on our blog, will this be longer than one day?

    No news yet about a rise in the payout for 1.000 ECs like they promised in the beginning of may.

  3. Excellent templete design!!

  4. Hhmmm, its interesting that EC are dropping on the blogs. I hope this will be solved soon. Keep us posted please1 Thanks!

  5. Poor EC is getting stale. Lots of people have left, but hopefully GL's recent efforts will inject some life into the program. Who knows.