Tatas, SBI, Infosys among World's Top 20 Companies

Tatas, SBI, Infosys among World's Top Companies.

The Tatas, India's premier bank - State Bank of India (SBI) and top IT Giant - Infosys Technologies are among 17 Indian firms that figure among the top 50 in a list of the world's 200 most reputable companies. With a score of 81 on a scale of 0-100, the US-based Reputation Institute ranked the Tata Group 11th above global corporate giants like Google, Microsoft, General electric, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Intel and Unilever. SBI is ranked 29th with a score of 78.11 and Infosys is at 39th, with a pulse score of 77.45.

Italy-based chocolate producer Ferrero was ranked as the most reputable company. Johnson & Johnson, which placed first in the US for reputation, lands third globally.

The Reputation Institute's global pulse of 600 companies is a measure of corporate reputation calculated by averaging perceptions of four indicators, trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling, obtained from a representative sample of at least 100 respondents in the companies' home countries.

"However it is the people of India who love their companies the best," noted US business magazine Forbes. "Of India's 27 corporations ranked by the institute, 24 placed them above the average. Seventeen of them landed in the top third of the list."

There is no doubt that Indian corporates are doing their best to make India a super power.