Google Gmail Undo Send Feature

You want to call back a sent email message ? Google's Gmail now gives users a brief period to hold back the sent messages.

A new feature - "Undo Send" introduced in Google's Gmail program that holds a message for five seconds before it is being sent. Gmail's sent mail confirmation message now includes an "Undo" link. Clicking on "Undo" will return a message to its original draft form.

The feature does not allow a user to recall a message that's already been sent.

Really useful feature. So, you have five seconds to decide - to send or not to send !

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  1. That's a good feature,but I don't think most people will make a decision in 5 seconds....But,it would be really helpful for those who had wrongly clicked 'send' or typed the sender's address wrong-Most of the time you notice these things the moment after you have clicked send!