Karur Vysya Bank - Empowering Women

The Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) which is in its 92nd year of existence has been given a milestone to achieve before it touches 100 years. And this has been given by none other than the Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms.Sheila Dixit.

She has urged the bank to develop more special products for bringing more women into the fold in the banking system. Spoken like a true women, for the women of India, urging something which will be 'of the women' of India. There is no doubt that women in India, apart from the mass of them working in urban India, there are scores of them working in rural India. Women have today become a formidable workforce to reckon with. Though the disparity in payments continues to exist, they are today much better off than what they were 92 years ago, when KVB was born.

It is also equally true that money saved by a woman would be used for the entire upliftment of the household and in turn of the society. Bringing more and more women into the banking system, urging them to save, designing products to suit their needs should be a priority. And this is one fact which only a woman would realise! It's indeed good that Sheila Dixit brought this matter to the helm and hopefully, KVB would work on making special products for the women folk of India. Now that would be a landmark decision for this age old bank; indicating that it does keep up with the changing times.
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