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Humor - Naming a new born

Naming a new born baby is a tricky affair. No body would like his child to be named as Dawood or Osama because the kid will start as a suspect right from the cradle. Rajan is a okay sort of name but if there is another Rajan in the neighborhood the kid may be called either ‘bada Rajan’ or ‘chota Rajan’ and the trouble begins then and there.
There is a Jaico ‘Book of Baby names’ to assist the parents in naming their child. But this book is normally used to select the names much early during pregnancy and by the time the kid arrives on the scene, the book is invariably lost and the names chosen forgotten. So the parents look at the popularity chart and name their kids.

During 1970s when Rajesh Khanna was at peak lot of kids were named as Rajesh. It made sense because if you now see a Rajesh on the road and you can work back his age. After Rajesh Khanna faded away from scene in late 1970s and Amitabh became the superstar, plenty of Amits germinated. Since Amit ruled the stardom for almost 25 years working back was not possible to gauge the age.

Kapil Dev inspired many with the first world cup victory in 1983. But no body named their kid as Kapil, The only other Kapil we know is the Central Minister named Kapil Sibil, but then the minister is much older to Kapil Dev and could not have got his name as an inspiration from Kapil Dev. Could Kapil have got his name from Kapil Sibil? It is very doubtful because Kapil Sibil is hardly an inspiring character and if one had his name one would have changed his after seeing Kapil Sibil.

Sachin inspired a lot of people when he appeared on the scene in 1987. Till then it was Sunil Gavaskar who held all the records. So a conflict arose whether to pitch one’s bets on the veteran Sunil or prodigal Sachin. The conservatives chose Sunil and those with risk appetite rooted for Sachin and both the names prevailed around 1990. When Sachin went into problem in 2003 lot of parents sought magic in Saurav and Rahul deriving inspiration from Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid.

Today there are lot of Sauravs and Rahuls in the open but their plights is far worse than that of Ganguly and Dravid. Nonetheless the Rahuls and Sauravs are not happy about their parent’s choice and conduct and given a choice would have continued to remain without name until Mahendra Singh Dhoni came on the scene.

Dhoni is immensely popular and many grew long hair like him. But not many kids have got baptized with the name because there was a fear that like his long hair his name too may get trimmed. That is exactly what has happened. Dhoni has already become MSD. How can one name as kid as MSD. It sounds like a chemical or some sort of a designation.

So there was a long wait for parents and kids. The patience has perhaps finally paid off. Abhinav Bindra the Olympic Gold Medalist is the new hero. So expect lot of Abhinavs in the near future.


  1. Hmmm good post to go with!!!Can u suggest about my name Saravanakumar?


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